Smart Vision School

At Smart Vision ,our mission is to educate and em-power students to be compassionate and inspired people , who act for the good of all and for the sustainable development of the world. Smart Vision is an innovative school ,which is proud to welcome students of various backgrounds. Smart Vision offers a strong academic program and a wide range of extra- curricular activies, utilizing the excellent spaces in its impressive facility. At Smart Vision School, we believe all students will fulfill their pontential in an inclusive, forward thinking and safe enviroment in which each child's individuality's is valued and encouraged.

Our 15,000 square meters campus in 6th October City is approximately 25 minutes from Lebanon Square, and accessible from many other Cairo's major population centers. The facilities include spacious air-conditioned classrooms, and designed to receive students in accordance with the international standards

SMART VISION enjoys many other facilities and services to provide every possible need for every student in order to guarantee their success. On the educational and academic levels, SMART VISION brings the convenience and state-of-the-art technology to the student hands and minds with Smart-Board technology, library computer laboratory, and state-of-the-art science laboratories that cover Biology, and chemistry 

For the extra-circular activities, SMART VISION went on to spare nothing. Amenities included complete sports facilities with half-Olympic size swimming pool, Gymnasium Basketball, Tennis, and Volleyball courts, running track, in addition to many other facilities 

The Core Value of Smart Vision School

  Pursue academic excellence
  Celebrate achievement and participation
  Guide and nurture individual development
  Appreciate cultural diversity
  Promote human rights and responsibilities
  Cherish the community and the environment
  Promote spiritual,moral and ethical values
  Promote loyalty, pride , spirit , belonging and caring


Contact Us

6 October – Mgawra 8 - Somed 
02 39120117
01150007600 - 01009800707 



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